Uvala Drvenik / Krknjas (Drvenik Veli)

Uvala Drvenik: The beach and village. Beware the swimming nets across the bay

Uvala Drvenik: The beach and village. Beware the swimming nets across the bay

Pretty little Uvala Drvenik (aka Uvala Krknjas) on Drvenik Island lies west of Trogir and Split. This luminescent turquoise bay is locally known as The Blue Lagoon and is an extremely popular place to anchor up for lunch, a swim stop or for a last night anchorage before returning your charter yacht to Trogir, Marina Agana or Split.

Uvala Drvenik has two mooring alternatives. Anchoring is possible in most parts of the bay but holding is patchy due to rocky outcrops and seaweed. The bottom comes up sharply close inshore and near the two eyelets so it pays to scout about slowly in these areas. When it is very busy you may have to be content with anchoring a little closer to other boats that you are entirely comfortable with or have others do so to you!

The other option for stopping is to pick up a mooring buoy. The restaurant lays these in the summer months. The number varies but there is usually a good half a dozen. However, when I stopped there in 2015 the restaurant did not stay open at night; therefore if you want an evening meal it may pay to check ahead of time.

There are no other facilities ashore in Uvala Drvenik. Provisions can be sourced on the other side of the island at Veli Drvenik but it is probably better to up anchor and head to Vinisce, Marina Agana, Trogir or Split if you need to stock up on anything.

While relatively well protected from the average prevailing winds Uvala Drvenik is no place to sit out a storm. The winds seem to change direction frequently on this island and can play havoc in the all the anchorages.

On a final note I must point out that the gap between the islets of Veli Krknjas and Mali Krknjas is passable depending on the draught of your charter yacht. The main “channel” is approximately 2m deep but due to the clarity of the water it will have you thinking otherwise. Looking over the bow  the sand and pebble bottom seems much closer than that and can cause some heart palpitations! On the other hand the gap between Mali Krknjas and Drvenik island is not passable. Here the depth is a rocky and shallow 0.6m. The small jetty out from the restaurant also lies in shallow water.

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