Other sailing choices

There are a number of variations on the standard charter types that offer the chance to do something a little different.

Fancy a little competition?

Fancy a little competition?

For those of a competitive nature who find cruising a bit lacking in excitement, there are various racing and regatta opportunities.  (Regatta really means racing but is a term sometimes adopted I think to sooth insurance companies who worry that racing can result in excessive damage claims)!

Those not needing an extra adrenalin rush, but who are sailing in an area that doesn’t lend itself to a circular route, there is the possibility of doing a one way charter. And if you are sailing near an international border, you may wish to take your yacht in to a second country and turn the trip in to an international charter.

If your primary aim is to rack up the mileage, maybe to meet the requirements of your next sailing qualification then delivery trips are another option. These appeal particularly to those who lack sufficient like minded friends to make up a full crew.

Finally, if your need is more about variety than hours at sea or speed, then why not consider a combination holiday, coupling a week afloat with a week ashore, or a week (or more) of one type of sailing with another.

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