Prvic Luka (Prvic)

Prvic: The island seen from the end of Krkr

Prvic: The island seen from the end of Krkr

Once a retreat for the rich of Sibenik, Prvic island is an agricultural and fishing centre, little touched by international tourism. Many of today’s visitors are day trippers from the mainland so by the evening, it’s quiet place.

Prvic Luka, at the south end of the island is one of only two villages (the other, Sepurine is only 10 minutes walk away). It’s main claim to fame is as the home of Faust Vrančić in the 15th century, one of those people who seemed good at everything he tried from writing to inventing, including coming up with an early parachute.

There is now a recently opened centre in the village commemorating his achievements and worth a visit. Beyond that, you can wander the streets & alleys freely as cars are discouraged on the island and there are several bars and restaurants to chose from. There’s also a grocers, butchers and even a post office.

If you fancy a swim, the nearby “beach” is concrete – better take a walk over to Septurine where there are a couple of real beaches.

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