Bisevo is a small island about 2.5nm south west of the island of Vis. It is famed for its Blue Cave. The morning sun creates a blue light inside the cave, whilst objects in the water appear silver.

The limestone cave was originally accessible only via underwater channels. However in 1884 an opening about water level was made and the cave is now a hugely popular tourist attraction.

Visiting Bisevo by Yacht

For the best effect, you need to visit late morning. You can only enter in a boat with paddles (ie you can use your dinghy but not an outboard). The Blue Cave (also known as the Blue Grotto) is on the east side of the island, in Balun Bay. There is a small anchorage in the bay just to the north but even if you manage to get in, I’d leave someone capable on board. More likely you’ll have to float offshore as the water elsewhere are deep.

There’s an entry fee during July and August of 50kn (about £5) for adults, 25kn for children, free for under 6’s. At other times the rates are 40kn for adults and 20kn for children.

Boat Trips to Bisevo

If you don’t fancy battling it out with all the other yachts at Bisevo, there are plenty of trips on offer from Komiza and Vis Town as well as some from further away such as Hvar Town. These often also include a visit the Emerald Cave where a similar lighting effect gives a green hue.

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