Lokrum / Otocic Lokrum

Anchoring at Lokrum Island makes an ideal alternative to anchoring your yacht near the old harbour of Dubrovnik.

From here it is possible to take one of the many water taxis to Dubrovnik. Taxi boats cost around 35 Kuna and leave approximately every half hour between 9am and 7pm. The journey takes about 15 minutes and you will be dropped in the centre of the old harbour.

FKK Beaches

FKK means Freikorperkultur or Free body culture. On the southeast of Lokrum Island there is a FKK beach. In plain english this means a nudist beach. These beaches occur throughout Dalmatia and are usually clearly signposted.

Holding can be iffy here so, if you are going ashore for a while, take a swim to check how well your anchor is set.

But there are many other reasons to visit this petite island.

Originally home to a Benedictine monastery (which can still be visited) the island was bought in 1859 by the Archduke Maximilian Ferdinand of Habsburg and he spared no expense in immediately turning it into a botanical paradise. Importing plants and trees from around the world he created and wonderfully lush and shady island that now provides respite for the sticky summer crowds of Dubrovnik.

Lokrum: The small harbour on the east side is reserved for trip boats but you can anchor here

F Lokrum: The small harbour on the east side is reserved for trip boats but you can anchor here

Be warned however, if you are not a bird person this is not the island for you.  In addition to trees, the Archduke had a fondness for peacocks and Lokrum is teaming with them and they are not adverse to checking out your sandwiches!
There is a charge to access the island as it is now a nature reserve.

Another highlights to take a peek at are a miniature “dead sea”, swimming allowed, and a massive sea cave that was used to hide vessels both located on the southern side of lokrum.

The island is uninhabited so there are no places to provision etc, however, there is a restaurant complex that is open during the day.

There are plenty of places to go swimming here but beach space is limited.

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