Jurjeva Luka (Lastovo / Prezba)

Jurjeva Luka is an old naval harbour and as such affords near total protection from rough weather and strong winds. If you are looking for a good night’s kip in very peaceful surroundings on your yacht charter, this is a bay to aim for! Even in the low season you will find a number of other yachts seeking refuge here.

This area is part of the Lastovo Nature Park. Lastovo (or “The island of bright stars” as it is poetically called by the tourist board) and its surrounding 43 islands and islets were declared a nature park in 2006 and a fee is charged for staying overnight. At a modest 30 kuna per person per night (2015) it is worth every lipa.

There are options to either anchor or to moor against one of the three quays in the bay. If anchoring, watch where you anchor goes as there is quite a bit of debris on the sea bed – including a rather large chain! Thankfully the water is reasonably clear so this is easily done.

Lastovo is one of the least light polluted places in the world (hence the bright star reference), is surrounded by crystal clear, blue water and this western end of the island is graced by some wonderfully dense forests.  “Simply lovely” is one way of describing this gem of an island.

Due to its strategic position, Lastovo has been ruled by many countries over the centuries and used a military base by most, so the island is dotted with interesting relics and ruins from various periods and the bay of Jurjeva is no exception. Here you can poke about in the various submarine/boat tunnels. Yachts can even moor up in the entrances and they make for a fascinating insight into military campaigning.

It is only a short walk from Jurjeva Luka to a scant handful of restaurants and bars located near the causeway at Mali Lago. This is an extremely laidback place so leave your cares behind, discuss the days sailing and enjoy a relaxing beer or two overlooking the surrounding tranquil bays. It doesn’t get much better than this. If you require more supplies your best bet is to move the yacht around to Ubli town where there is the regular selection of shops available.

For a nice walk, and to keep the crew limber, continue over the causeway and turn right towards Ubli. Then look for a walking trail signpost off on the left that lead up the wooded hill for a walk that sweeps up and around (to the left) and returns you to the road that leads out to the mouth of Mali Lago Bay from the causeway. It is then a simple matter of turning left and following this road back to the causeway. This circuit takes about 1 hour and definitely makes the beer taste better!

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