Getting to your yacht

Getting from your front door to the yacht can turn in to a real mission! Getting home can be worse, as the memories of your joyous holiday are swiftly forgotten. There can be a financial price to pay too. It’s amazing how many people hunt for the cheapest possible flight but fail to realise that the crack of dawn departure means either a taxi (or two) to the airport, or two weeks airport parking charges.  It may work out both cheaper and more relaxing to take a later flight enabling far cheaper travel to the airport.  Alternatively, why not consider an airport hotel.

Maybe the closest you'll get to a green flight

Maybe the closest you’ll get to a green flight

Brits going sailing abroad really have limited choice in the means of travel.  You could drive or take the train to France or Italy, but Croatian bases are 1000-2000 miles from the UK.  Greece and Turkey are significantly further, and not blessed with the greatest rail services.

So you’re pretty likely to end up flying and if the environmental impact worries you, all I can suggest is you use carbon offsetting and try to fly on the most modern fuel efficient plane you can.

That being the case, be aware there are other airports than Gatwick and Manchester and picking the right flights can make the getting there much easier.  You may even want to let your choice of flights decide (or at least influence) where you go sailing.

Which leaves you with the final dilemma – do you book a package, or arrange the flights yourself.   If you take a package, you may limit your choice of airports (though you may have more choice than you think).  But if you do it yourself, how do you get from the arrival airport to the yacht?  Read on to find out where you can get to from your local airport, and how to take the worry out of the airport transfer.