Maslinica (Solta)

This little fishing village is a lovely spot and you can still get fish fresh off the boat. The inlet at Maslinica looks out over the little archipelago at it’s mouth and the hills are dotted with pines and olive groves.

Other than fellow yacht charter crews, there are few tourists as Maslinica has no ferry service. It’s wonderfully unspoilt with just a handful of restaurants and cafes, a small supermarket and that’s about it. Arrive with cash as there’s no ATM.

The old baroque mansion makes for an imposing “marina” building, though there’s nothing more than a long quay. There’s not much by way of entertainment but there’s a small beach nearby and pleasant walks up the hillside for the excellent views.

A great place to wind down and relax, Maslinica was my first port of call on my first visit to Croatia and there’s been remarkably little change in the intervening years. A highly recommended stop for your bareboat charter and a regular feature of flotilla holiday itineraries too.

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