Sipanska Luka (Sipan)

Sipanska Luka has an up and coming feel to it. Located on Sipan, the largest of the Elafiti or Deer Islands, Sipanska was once popular with the gentry of Dubrovnik and is now enjoying a renaissance. However, charter yachts should come prepared – facilities are still limited.

Sipanksa Luka: Yachts in the bay - a view from a good walk!

Sipanksa Luka: Yachts in the bay – a view from a good walk!

The first thing you will notice on your left as you head towards the harbour is an amazingly ornate building called the Dukes Summer Palace. This is just one of the 40 or so summer residences that once existed here and there are plans underway to renovate more.

Once a traditional Dalmatian village, Sipanska Luka is certainly undergoing  a makeover. Whether you think that the modern buildings add to or subtract from the original tone of the place is your call but the locals are very pleased to have money being invested in their town.

This is a popular stop for rtip boats offering walking and biking tours as well as bareboat charters. Like a lot of harbours in Croatia, Sipanska Luka has dedicated some of its town quay to visiting yachts. In this case the visitors section is located on the north side of the bay, immediately east of the ferry quay.

So you’ll want to moor east of the ferry quay.

Sipanska Luka: The natives are friendly

Sipanska Luka: The natives are friendly

The reason I am saying this twice is that the rest of the harbour past this point shallows dramatically, so take care not to go too far in before making your turn. People do sometimes “plough” their way into other areas but charter companies tend to take a dim view of this this kind of behaviour. So I would recommend that you treat other parts of the quay with caution.

Lazy lines are available and there is usually someone on hand to guide you in.

There are also 3 orange buoys available opposite the town quay which belong to Konoba Kod Marco. The usual rules apply: If you pick up a buoy you must eat at the restaurant.

If you prefer to anchor, do so north or south of the buoys and make sure you do not impede the ferry’s turning circle. (Don’t worry; it is smaller than you would think!)

Sipanska is not a cheap place to have a night out but there are plenty of restaurants to chose from. Konoba Tauris got the thumbs up in 2015 for its great Dalmatian style steaks… thankfully not the 101 dog kind!

Sipanska: The main town on Sipan is fairly small (though this isn't all of it)!

Sipanska: The main town on Sipan is fairly small (though this isn’t all of it)!

As for provisioning; it pays to come prepared as there is not a great selection here and also remember to have some cash at hand as the ATM reportedly comes and goes. Sometimes money is available from the Post Office.

Sipanska Luka is a great starting point for many of the walks the meander across the island. There is one that heads up to the cellphone towers above the harbour which rewards your efforts with excellent views and an opportunity to skulk about in the abandoned fort that is located nearby. Take care though, some of the structures are pretty dilapidated.

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