Skrivena Luka (Lastovo)

Skrivena Luka or Hidden Port is a magical spot on a wonderful island. With its narrow doglegged entrance, this bay affords total protection for yachts of all sizes from rough seas and provides excellent holding in silty sand.

Skrivena Luka: The bay provides a very sheltered anchorage

Skrivena Luka: The bay provides a very sheltered anchorage

There is also a fantastic small “marina” with one pontoon (Porto Rosso) located on the western side of the bay offering everything you would expect of a full sized one, including toilets, showers, laundry and an lovely restaurant. You are under no obligation to eat at Konoba Porto Rosso if you use the marina but there is a fee for the marina itself.

There is another restaurant on the eastern side of Skrivena Luka called “Nautica” (under new management) that has a quay, lazylines, power and water. The use of the quay here is free if you eat in the restaurant. Prices for meals are on a par.

There are no shops in Skrivena Luka but in the summer a bus runs from behind Porto Rosso to Lastovo village and Ubli where you can obtain limited supplies.  This is a relatively undiscovered part of the world and as such it pays to come prepared! This includes money as ATMs are no existent here.

Not many people make the effort to sail to Lastovo; don’t make that mistake too!

Lastovo (or “The island of bright stars” as it is poetically called by the tourist board) and its surrounding 43 islands and islets were declared a nature park in 2006 and as such a fee is charged for staying overnight. At a modest 30 kuna per person per night (2015) it is worth every lipa.

Skrivena Luka: Yachts on the quay

Skrivena Luka: Yachts on the quay

Lastovo is one of the least light polluted places in the world (hence the bright star reference), is surrounded by crystal clear, blue water and is graced on it’s western end by some wonderfully dense forests.  “Simply lovely” is one way of describing this gem of an island.

Due to its strategic position, Lastovo has been ruled by many countries over the centuries and used a military base by most, so the island is dotted with interesting relics and ruins from various periods.

There are also many submarine/boat tunnels in the coves and bays of Lastovo and they make for a fascinating insight into life under military rule.  Until 1988 no tourists were allowed on the island but the 600 or so permanent islanders are now trying to make the most of their seasonal visitors by offering all sorts of activities including diving, biking and hiking.

There are two great walks from Skrivena Luka. One is out to the lovely lighthouse at Cape Struga built in 1839, which is approximately 4km one way. The other is to the delightful and atmospheric old village of Lastovo; famous for it eclectic chimneys and crumbling 15-16th century venetian architecture.

This walk is approximately 7km one way. There are several options for making detours to see other sights along the way. These include Raca Cave, several agritourismo (local farm restaurants) and vineyards. Very helpfully the park staff will give you a map covering the 200 or so kilometres worth of hiking trails Lastovo has available when they collect the park fees.  However, be warned, the trails are not always that obvious.

On the up side, it is difficult to get lost for long on an island this small! Lastovo is just under 10 kilometres long. If you think a 14km return walk is too much, you could always catch the bus to Lastovo village and walk back. It really is worth the effort.  If you do decide to walk there and back be sure to take plenty of water. This end of the island is not as wooded as the western end and shops/cafes are in short supply in the old village.

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