Gulf of Corinth: Ports

Descriptions of sailing destinations in the Ionian, Greece, in alphabetical order. Click the name to see full details. These give detail of what to see and do, and the facilities ashore.

  • Alkyion (Alkionidhes) Islands The Alkyion Islands are a lovely place to spend the day. You can stay overnight if conditions are favourable. Also known as Kala Nisia (Nice Islands) the group consists of Daskalio, Prasonisi, Glaronisi and Zoodochos Pigi. The Islands are tucked away at the north eastern end of the Gulf of Corinth. The water is clear, and ... Read more
  • Ancient Delphi You will struggle to sail to Ancient Delphi but I thought it merited a mention. A trip to the late bronze age site of Ancient Delphi is a must if you are undertaking a sailing holiday in the Gulf of Cornith. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Both the ports of Itea and Galaxidi are within easy ... Read more
  • Antikyra (Andikirion) Antikyra is one of the main towns on the northern coast of the Gulf of Corinth. With its workman-like seafront of tavernas and shops, it makes a welcome change from the beach holiday villages that make up the usual fare for this coastline. Famous in ancient times for the healing qualities of its black and white ... Read more
  • Corinth Canal & Town Corinth is best known for the Corinth Canal. The canal links the Ionian and Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Peloponnese. But the historic town is also an important transport hub. Corinth Town Corinth is located at the narrow strip of land connecting the whole Peloponnese to the rest of Greece. Its strategic importance ... Read more
  • Galaxidi Galaxidi is one of my favourite ports of call in the Gulf of Corinth. This small dogleg of a harbour with its associated picture-perfect village maintains a semblance of peace despite being “discovered” in recent years. It’s also a handy start point for a visit to Ancient Delphi. If your crew is hankering after some heart ... Read more
  • Itea Itea is a working port and as such is a bit rough and ready around the edges. However, the locals are welcoming and the town manages to maintain a sense of calm. It’s a pleasant place to make landfall on your sailing holiday. Itea is only 20 a minute drive from the UNESCO World Heritage site ... Read more
  • Kiato Kiato is a holiday town on the south coast of the Gulf of Corinth. It’s about 20 miles west of Corinth. The town is popular with Athenians wanting a break from the city as it has a direct rail connection. Kiato was originally focused on citrus and grape farming, and the raisins are allegedly famous. However, ... Read more
  • Mavrolimnias Mavrolimnias is a small tree-lined harbour located on the eastern end of the Gulf of Corinth. The well protected harbour has a sense of a safe refuge about it and despite the lack of amenities makes a wonderful stopover when thinking about the logistics of exiting and entering the Corinth Canal. Renowned for its spectacular sunsets ... Read more
  • Nafpaktos Nafpaktos is another of my favourite haunts. It is a beautiful touristy town with a university vibe. It fairly hums with energy no matter what time of the year you visit. Don’t expect a quiet night’s sleep at the weekends or on a public holiday but definitely put it on your list of ports to ... Read more
  • Ormos Isidhorou Ormos Isidhorou is a small bay just south of Antikyra. The area is surrounded by high cliffs with impressive ravines, making for impressive anchorage. To the west side of the bay is a small beach which can be busy (and at times noisy) but things quieten down once the sun bathers go home. There’s a small ... Read more
  • Saranda Ormos Ay Saranda makes a welcome swim stop or possible overnight anchorage on route along the northern coast of the Gulf of Corinth. The bay is wide and sandy making the holding good but local authorities prefer if you anchor well out from the beach which can put you in fairly deep water. A small harbour ... Read more
  • Trizonia The island of Trizonia is a strange mixture of laidback charm, unfinished business and postcard views. A sleepy backwater that once had aspirations of becoming a yachting hub, Trizonia has had a clean up in recent years but sadly still hasn’t succeeded in realising its marina dream. Which may be no bad thing. Trizonia is unique ... Read more