Slano / Neprobic

Once the site of a beautiful seaside resort, Slano is only now rediscovering itself as a tourist and sailing destination. The grand old buildings may be gone but there is still a certain optimism to the place and plenty of activity with the ongoing building of a new ACI marina (late 2015), which will make it easier for visiting yachts charters.

When finished the marina in Slano will be a great base to start and finish your sailing holiday, so the locals say!

Slano: Old and new alongside the quay

Slano: Old and new alongside the quay

However, for now you will just have to make do with anchoring off the fancy new hotel or dropping back on to the more than adequate town quay.

There is plenty of room for flotillas and bareboats alike and charter yachts are more than welcome here so don’t be put off by the lack of flashy facilities.  Power, water and toilets are close at hand on the quay.

Slano is great place to take on water and shop for groceries; things that can be in short supply and more expensive on the offshore islands. It also pays to use the ATM here if you need cash as Mljet, in particular, only has a cash machine in Pomena. There are also the usual assortment of bakers and chemists.

Trip boats love this place because of its excellent all round shelter but they are very friendly and happily raft off to provide space for yachts.

There are a wide range of restaurants and the odd bar but don’t be surprised if you are met by the enterprising owner of Nono Restaurant (on the north side of the bay) roaring around on his jetski touting for business. He offers free electricity and water on his quay in return for eating in his restaurant and is only a short walk from the village centre. I can’t comment on his food, having never taken him up on his offer, but I give him top marks for friendliness!

If you fancy a walk before dinner or departure there is a nice stroll around the bay to the lighthouse or past the developing marina to a small church… just enough to stretch those sea weary legs or to work up an appetite of a bite of wholesome Dalmatian cooking.

As for other activities; there are a number of beaches dotted around the bay that appear to be man-made but the water is not the clearest. The village is not overwhelmed with sightseeing opportunities (thank goodness for that I hear some of you say)! but there is a decent church one street back from the quay.

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