Cavtat and Uvala Tiha

Cavtat and Uvala Tiha combine to create a small, laid back tourist village just south of Dubrovnik. It’s a great place to relax and watch the super yachts come and go on the customs quay or treat yourself to an ice-cream while promenading along the wonderful, shady paths that wind around the bays.

Cavtat: Swimming near the quay

Cavtat: Swimming near the quay

Twice spared from destruction when war loomed close it is somewhat off the flotilla holiday and bareboat charter route. Cavtat is unique in this sailing area for the original completeness of its buildings. Its unlucky neighbours of Srebreno and Mlini (just north across the bay) still bear deep scars from the “Home War” conflict.

There are a myriad of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from and a small supermarket in the centre of town which should cover all your provisioning needs.

A fruit and vegetable market sets up shop opposite the supermarket during the summer season. There is also an ATM and all the other conveniences dotted about.

Sailing Choices Top Tip

It is 30% cheaper to moor your yacht stern-to here rather than going alongside.

This is an excellent place to leave you yacht  and take a trip by bus or boat to the old town of Dubrovnik. The tourist information office is particularly helpful here (located on the Uvala Tiha side of town right next to the bus stop) and has guides to local walks and sights as well as timetables for buses to Dubrovnik and trip boat schedules.

It is worth making the time to walk to the top of the peninsula between Cavtat and Tiha bays to visit the extraordinarily, whimsical mausoleum of the Racic family.

The Racic Mausoleum, sculpted by Ivan Mestrovic

Cavtat: The Racic Mausoleum, sculpted by Ivan Mestrovic

The story goes that the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic had a romantic encounter with Lady Mare Racic and she asked him to build her a grave “proving that death is apparent”. He never saw her again but sure enough he build a tomb fit for a queen and engraved his answer to her request on the bell; “Find out the secret of love. Thus you will find the solution to the secret of death and you will believe that life is eternal”. Heady stuff indeed!

Somewhat more upmarket than other places in the vicinity, Cavtat can be a bit pricey and this extends to mooring up on the town quay but luckily it is free to anchor in the main bay or in the nearby Uvala Tiha (Tiha Bay).

There are plenty of swimming opportunities, whether it is off the rocks or making the most of the one or two patches of beach.

All in all, it’s worth going off the usual yacht charter circuit and paying Cavtat a call.

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