Yacht delivery trips

A number of yacht delivery skippers now advertise passages on yacht deliveries. These may be new yachts being delivered, or boats so close to sinking that the owners have more sense than to attempt a long trip themselves! Filling the delivery with crew who won’t expect to be paid (and may even pay for the privilege) is attractive to a delivery skipper who is often paid a fee for the trip, from which he then has to fund the voyage.

As someone who gets easily bored on long sails, I’m not sure if these trips are really a holiday but for those seeking to built their mileage for sailing qualifications, or just wanting the experience they have an attraction.

I don’t get involved in these and would suggest you look at websites like crewseekers.net (with whom I have no connection).  I would offer some advice – check out the skipper’s credentials, satisfy yourself that the boat is seaworthy, and assure yourself that the insurance is in order.  Vessels carrying fare paying passengers need different insurance from private use, so the insurance needed can depend on the financial arrangements. Be aware too that departure dates tend to slip as preparations or built times over run, and durations are weather dependent. Once you’re happy with the proposition, enjoy!