The choice of yacht can seem daunting with apparently so many to choose from.  However, in reality, there aren’t so many, the differences may not be as great as you think, and only a limited number will suit your needs.

A wide range of sizes are available to suit everyone from couples to large family groups.  Some are more spacious than others and the number of toilets (heads) varies, though many have limited storage space so you may not want to fill your boat to its maximum capacity.

However, size isn’t everything! There are other considerations: Should you book a conventional monohull or a catamaran?  What’s best – old or new? What start dates and durations are offered and how do all these factors affect the price? How do you gauge the quality and what can you expect to find on board?

For an introduction to the issues read Which yacht, then look at the rest of this section to help narrow down what you want, and understand what you can expect to get!