Peloponnese flotillas; the Saronic & Argolic Gulfs

The Peloponnese flotillas sail from Poros and Corinth. Of these I prefer the Poros based flotillas. It’s both a prettier place and situated in the middle of the cruising area. It also offers a superb fleet of yachts. But if you want a run through the Corinth Canal, start from Corinth.

The Peloponnese includes the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs. The Saronic is the area between Athens and Poros. The Argolic is the area south and west of Poros. See the Saronic & Peloponnese Sailing Map if you need to get your bearings.

North of Poros winds are steady but rarely strong, typically force 1-3. The weather often runs in 3 day cycles so it is unusual to get prolonged windless spells as can happen in the Ionian.

The Saronic, Epidavros, Peloponnese and Laconia flotillas visit this area. Attractions include:

  • At Epidavros the superb Roman amphitheatre and underwater ruins.
  • The fishing village of Perdika, with its camera obscura and remains of German barracks.
  • The small island of Agistri, which has several beaches.
  • The island of Aegina has an impressive church, a great fish market and horse and trap rides.
  • At Vathi, you can walk up to the volcano crater.

South of Poros there’s a little more wind though it’s still easy sailing. The Nafplion, Monemvasia, Argolic, Laconia and Peloponnese flotillas all visit this area. The run down to Monemvasia can be a bit windier, typically force 2-4. Attractions include:

  • The fascinating medieval rock island town at Monemvasia.
  • At Nafplion, the large castle that towers over the town.
  • The holiday town of Astros has a smaller castle.
  • Fishing villages such as Yerikas and Kiparissi
  • The traffic free island of Hydra, where donkeys rule the streets.

You can read more about the area on the Sailing the Peloponnese page. Peloponnese flotillas take you to a Greece that’s still truly Greek.

2024 Operating dates – Peloponnese Flotillas

Click on the flotilla names below for full route details. All these flotillas are Saturday starts.

Peloponnese flotillas from Poros 2024

Nafplion4th 18th1st 22nd 29th13th 20th 27th3rd 10th 17th 24th7th 21st12th 26th
Saronic27th11th 25th8th31st14th 28th19th

Peloponnese & Gulf of Corinth from Corinth 2024

Epidavros4th 18th1st 15th 19th13th 27th10th 24th7th 21st5th 19th

Peloponnese flotillas from Poros 2024

Argolic 2 weeks15th 22nd 29th13th 20th 27th10th 17th 24th5th
Laconia 2 weeks8th28th
Peloponnese 2 weeks
..North then south27th11th 25th31st14th19th
..South then north4th 18th1st24th7th 21st12th

Peloponnese & Gulf of Corinth from Corinth 2024

Corinth Canal 2 weeks
..East then west4th 18th1st 15th 19th13th 27th10th 24th7th 21st5th
..West then east27th11th 25th8th 22nd6th 20th3rd 17th 31st14th 28th12th

More about the Poros flotillas

For most of the season, the Poros flotillas sail the areas north and south of Poros on alternate weeks. Those on two week holidays will cover both areas.

In high season, the flotilla stay south of Poros. This avoids the harbours in the north which get busy in summer. Options include a “proper” two week flotilla (not just two one week runs joined up) which gives the chance to get down to Monemvasia.

The flotillas from Poros also offer sail training options. The associated RYA Sailing School offers courses you can take whilst on flotilla. These include Competent Crew, Day Skipper and the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). Bareboat and skippered charter are also available across the area.

More About the Corinth Flotillas

The Corinth flotillas are unusual in giving the chance to sail in two contrasting sailing areas. Every other week the flotilla sails in the northern Peloponnese (the Saronic Gulf). On the intervening weeks the flotilla sails in the windier Gulf of Corinth which is intermediate sailing.

Those taking two week trips will therefore get a week of easy sailing in the Peloponnese then a week in the much less visited and windier Gulf of Corinth. Depending on your start date you may do the two weeks in the reverse order.

Getting there – Peloponnese flotillas

The Peloponnese flotillas are well served by international flights to Athens. From the UK there are services from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Manchester and Edinburgh. There are also flights from Bristol though not on Saturdays.

A popular extension to these flotillas is to spend a day or two in Athens before or after sailing. Alternatively, you can enjoy a few days ashore on one of the many islands readily accessible from Athens.

The flotilla operators offer optional transfers between the airport and base. Corinth is about an hour and a quarter by road or a couple of hours by train. For Poros you’ve a choice of  either a fast ferry or road transfer. The ferry ride sometimes offers the increasingly rare chance to experience the hydrofoils (flying dolphins). These are converted Russian troop carriers. They used to form the mainstay of Greek ferry services but are now being phased out.