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Want to go on a sailing holiday?  Bewildered by the choice of yachts?  Not sure where to go? Should you Bareboat? Join a Flotilla? Take a Skippered or Crewed Charter? Do you have the right qualifications? Want some tuition? How to get there?  Who to book with? What to take? So many sailing holidays, so little time.

Well, you could trawl the web and check out the hundreds of sailing holiday companies and yacht suppliers. Or you could use Sailing Choices, your one stop shop for impartial advice and information on every aspect of planning, booking and enjoying your holiday, from where you can fly from, to places to moor up. All in one place, and hopefully free of the enhanced holiday brochure pictures and waffle about idyllic tranquil blue bays!!

You can book your sailing holiday here too, for no extra charge and with the same discounts you’d get booking direct with the operators, sometimes more. Choose from bareboat yacht charters around the world, over 50 flotilla holidays from multiple operators, skippered charters, crewed charters, cabin charter and learn to sail courses.

Yachts come in various sizes so there's something for everyone
Yachts come in various sizes so there’s something for everyone

Sailing Choices draws on my many years working afloat. I’ve also spent several years office based, putting together sailing holidays for a number of the UK holiday operators, delivering holiday happiness to those on a budget and those that were not!

As I can’t be everywhere at once, I am assisted by my good friends who spend much time afloat for work and pleasure, and kindly keep me in touch with changes. I would also welcome your input here: Let me know how your holidays went, whoever you booked them with, tell me what needs updating or gaps that can be filled.

So there’s useful information for everyone from old hands to those who’ve never sailed before, for those that like to make their own travel plans, and those who prefer a package.

With so many yachts to choose from, why not let me help.
With so many yachts to choose from, why not let me help.

All this takes time, so the site is at present rather Mediterranean focussed, but with more being added as fast as I can manage.

Why am I doing this? Well, I’ve had fantastic times afloat, and I’d like to encourage those that haven’t tried it to do so – no previous experience needed. Whatever you experience, dreams and budget, I’d like to help you get the best holiday for you.

But to be blunt, I also hope you will book through me. I’m an independent agent and offer yachts and packages from most of the yacht suppliers and holiday companies (not just a handful of the big operators). It won’t cost you any more, in fact it could cost you less, and you will get a wider choice than from a single holiday company or yacht supplier. So whether you want the best, the cheapest or something in between, drop me an email or give me a call.

Plug over! Whether you’re booking a holiday or not, I hope you find useful and maybe even entertaining!. Do let me have your feedback, tell me about your sailing trip (good or bad) and send me your enquiries. And before you go on, bookmark this page and come back soon.

Happy sailing,

Sailing Choices