Tivat was a playground for aristocrats and landed gentry in the middle ages. In the mid 19th century it became a naval base first for the Austrians, then the Italians, Yugoslavs and the Russians.

Tivat: The marina

Tivat: The marina

It’s now resuming it’s role as a popular holiday destination. The naval base is now rejuvenated as Port Montenegro, developed by a Canadian billionaire and one of the swankiest marinas around.

In town, Buca’s Mansion, a relic of the original tourist boom, now acts as an arts centre. Also worth a walk is the park, though those noting its billing as botanical gardens may be a little disappointed.

The place to be seen is on the promenade, where you can relax in a cafe and people watch. This is the focus of activity as the town is a bit of a sprawl with no discernible centre.

Just behind the town is Gornja Lastva, an old settlement of stone buildings including a traditional olive pressing facility which can be seen working.

Tivat: Porto Montengro

Tivat: Porto Montengro

Otherwise, Tivat is more a base for exploring the attractions outside the town. It owes much of it’s popularity to its proximity to the airport just 3 miles away.

There are a number of beaches in the area but those in town are mainly of the concrete variety. You’ll need to head a little further out for a proper beach.

Tivat is not the most historic or attractive destination in the area but is worth a visit just to rub shoulders with the super yachts in Port Montenegro.

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