Vathi (Meganisi)

Vathi (Meganisi): The village and quay

Vathi (Meganisi): The village and quay

The main port for the island of Meganisi, the village is none the less known as “little Vathi” to distinguish it from “big Vathi” on Ithaca. The village is so popular with yachts that it now boasts it’s own marina, but don’t worry – the single pontoon on offer doesn’t exactly overwhelm the place!

As well as the harbour itself, there are a number of bays just around the headland so crews seeking a night at anchor have several options.  The bays are close enough that you can dinghy ashore and walk over the hill to the harbour for dinner.

There are several restaurants to chose from, along with various bars and cafe’s, a couple of mini markets, a laundry, showers and a post office, but no bank or ATM.

It’s a lovely spot but well known as such, so in summer, you might want to arrive in reasonable time as though it’s possible to anchor in the harbour, it’s not easy for smaller yachts due to the depth.

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