Kyllini / Killini

Kyllini is now the main ferry hub for Zakynthos and Cephalonia and as such can be a very noisy and busy place. Kyllini is not a usual stop for bareboat charters or flotillas but, that being said, it does make a handy port for those heading in to and out of Gulf of Patras or if you are sailing down south around the Peloponnese Peninsula.

It is important when entering the small harbour of Kyllini to pay close attention to the buoys marking the dredged channel.

Outside the channel markers the bottom comes up quickly. Although the seabed is mostly silt, this is not the place to run aground. The port police here take a very dim view of yachts that require assistance and it can be quite costly! There should be about 3m in the dredged channel and the same inside the harbour. The harbour authorities prefer that you moor bows or stern-to thereby saving room for other visiting yachts. Power and water is available on the quay.

Don’t forget to keep an eagle eye out for the ferries that frequent the outer harbour area of Kyllini. Do not impede their progress in any way; this also applies if you choose to anchor in the bay. Someone will let you know if you are in the wrong place!

Provisioning is good here with the a large  range of the usual supermarkets and bakeries etc.

From Kyllini it is possible to make arrangements to take a trip to Olympia. Home of the original Olympic Games for over a thousand years, Olympia makes a great day excursion to some amazingly large (and chaotic) historic ruins set in beautiful surroundings. Take your lunch and picnic among the tumbled columns of Zeus’s temple or strike a starting pose in the great stadium where many hundreds of men proved their worth in various track and field events; imagine what it must have been like in its heyday. Thankfully women are allowed to visit now and nudity is not mandatory for any athletes among you!

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