Kiato is a holiday town on the south coast of the Gulf of Corinth. It’s about 20 miles west of Corinth. The town is popular with Athenians wanting a break from the city as it has a direct rail connection.

Kiato was originally focused on citrus and grape farming, and the raisins are allegedly famous. However, the main attraction for most is the long beach, though it’s pebbled not sand. It’s all getting rather organised with sun loungers and umbrellas for hire.

To serve the sun bathers there are of course plenty of restaurants and shops. And as the evening wears on, the bars ramp up the music. There are quieter and arguably more attractive beaches a short distance out of town.

Culture vultures will be more attracted by other things. Near the railway station is the municipal art gallery. You can also apparently visit the warehouses once used for the raisins.

A short distance south west of the town are the ruins of Ancient Sikiona. This was the original settlement. Most visible are the ruins of the Theatre and the Bath House.

You should aim for the main harbour. Smaller yachts may squeeze in to the smaller fishing harbour to the east though it’s usually crammed with local boats.

Kiato isn’t my cup of tea. But for those looking for a bit more life than at some of the other Corinth destinations, or who just want some beach to lie on, it fits the bill.



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