Lefkas / Levkas

The capital of the island of the same name, Lefkas is separated from the mainland by a canal you will sail through when entering or leaving. The town is a maze of narrow streets and is the culturfal and commercial centre for the island, as well as a tourist town and yachting centre.

Lefkas Town: Fishing boats in the harbour next to the marina

Lefkas Town: Fishing boats in the harbour next to the marina

Many of Lefkas’s buildings were demolished by an earthquake in 1953 but what it lacks in history it makes up for with paint. The brightly painted buildings add to the general sense of chaos and suggest the rebuilding was not exactly over planned.

Not everything succumbed – the large fort of Santa Maura, a short walk out of town at the north end of the canal is well worth a visit. If you don’t fancy the walk you can hire a bike in town. There are beaches a short walk from town too, though a greater choice if you don’t mind going a little further.

If you are there in summer, there is a range of festivals covering literature, art, folklore and dance, but whenever you visit there’s plenty to do, with a good choice of restaurants and bars.

Both the marina and town quay are close to the town centre, which centres on two pedestrianised alleyways. The shopping experience is about as well organised as the rest of the place with fishmongers next to boutiques, next to hardware stores. But persevere and you’ll find most things you want and quite enough to provision well for your next weeks sail.

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