Poros (Kefalonia)

Poros (Kefalonia): The beach and sea front north of the harbour

Poros (Kefalonia): The beach and sea front north of the harbour

Poros is steeped in mythology. Hercules’ footsteps are stamped in to the hillsides, and rocks thrown at pirates by the Cyclops lie on the beach. Just out of town is the possible burial place of Odysseus and a cave once inhabited by a she-dragon. It’s described in several guides as an unpretentious place!

Situated at the end of an 80m deep gorge the town is overlooked by the Atros and Phani mountains. The area was settled in ancient times, but dwindled to a few fishermen’s huts. The 1953 earthquake made short work of those, clearing the way for the modern town.

Poros is part tourist town, part small commercial port, but large enough to deter the package holiday companies. So there’s plenty of room on the beaches! The port, extended in 2008, provides ferry services to the mainland and reasonably good shelter for charter yachts. It’s large enough to accommodate flotillas without too much trouble.

There are a number of tavernas and bars around the harbour but the main town is 5 minutes walk north. Here you’ll find the town beach but a little further north is the greater expanse of Aragia beach. There’s also a thin strip south from the harbour, alongside the main road. It’s here you’ll find the mushroom shaped rocks thrown by the Cyclops.

For the more energetic, there’s a 3 hour walking trail, taking in the surrounding villages of Riza, Kabitsata and Tzanata. At Tzanata, you can see the beehive tomb and remains of the Mycenaean era settlement. The bones found in the tomb were thought by some to be Odysseus, though this now seems unlikely.

Up in the hills you can also visit the Drakaina Cave, home of the she-dragon, and the Atrou Monastery. This is the oldest monastery on Kefalonia, though only the courtyard and a 10m tower remain. A better reason to visit is the view; it’s 550m above sea level. A visit at sunrise is recommended (though not by me: That’s an indecent time of day for so much walking, though there is a track you can get a car up)!

Poros offers all the facilities you’d expect of a fair sized town, quite sufficient for your average yacht charter. In town, there are a couple of grocers, two butchers, a pair of bakeries, a green grocers, a bank with an ATM, a chemists, a dentist and a small medical centre. Near the harbour there’s also a mini market and of course you’ve plenty of restaurants to choose from.

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