Antikyra (Andikirion)

Antikyra is one of the main towns on the northern coast of the Gulf of Corinth. With its workman-like seafront of tavernas and shops, it makes a welcome change from the beach holiday villages that make up the usual fare for this coastline.

Antikyra: View across bay

Antikyra: View across bay

Famous in ancient times for the healing qualities of its black and white hellebores, Antikyra is a delightfully unassuming place with very friendly locals. It deserves a spot on any sailing holiday passage in the Gulf of Corinth.

Having sat out a three-day gale here, I can tell you that the harbour at Antikyra and the associated anchorage are well sheltered.

There is another t-shaped breakwater around the headland to the southwest should more space be required or the wind direction changes!

The town quay is reasonably well maintained as it is used by the tugs from the Aluminium Plant across the bay. Water and electricity is available. Sometimes there is a charge of 5€ per night. There is good holding in the bay if there is no room on the quay.

In town there is a large array of restaurants, bars, cafes and provisioning shops. There is also a good hardware shop should your boat need some love and attention. Town can be fairly lively on the weekends and during public holidays. Ask around town if you need fuel delivered and someone should be able to arrange something. A laundry service is available from Hotel Almira.

At the western end of the bay there is a military installation and a surprisingly good ethnographic/geological museum called “Allotropia”.

Further afield there is some excellent walking and a hike up to “Prophet Elias” Church is worthwhile for the views alone. The church sits on the top of the hill overlooking the headland to the southwest of Antikyra.

Due to the aluminium plant and bauxite mining across the bay, the water here is a bit murky. That doesn’t stop the locals from making the most of the sea. Nor does it seem to have done them any harm!

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