Galaxidi is one of my favourite ports of call in the Gulf of Corinth. This small dogleg of a harbour with its associated picture-perfect village maintains a semblance of peace despite being “discovered” in recent years. It’s also a handy start point for a visit to Ancient Delphi.

Galaxidi: The quay and town

Galaxidi: The quay and town

If your crew is hankering after some heart pumping action be sure to visit Galaxidi at the weekend or during a public holiday to mingle with the livewires that dance to the latest beats into the wee small hours of the morning.

On other days, you can relax on the quay before taking a leisurely stroll along the east side of the harbour through the lovely public parks and gardens. Take your swimwear so you can enjoy a dip at one of the many tiny beaches. Galaxidi; a must do on any flotilla or bareboat holiday in the Gulf of Corinth

The quay at Galaxidi has been upgraded over the years. Power and water are available. You pay for your nights stay and the services at the little kiosk on the quay. 11€ per night for 13.5m yacht including power and water (2019). Fuel can be ordered and will be delivered to the quay by tanker.

The harbour is reasonably small for manoeuvring and can be busy so be prepared to have all your lines, fenders and anchor ready to deploy before approaching the quayside.

If you take a wander around the cobbled streets of town you will find a more than enough restaurants and bars to suit most tastes and enough small shops to fill the boat with essential provisions. There are no big supermarkets in town but you can always take a taxi further afield if you need extra things.

There is a small and interesting maritime museum in Galaxidi. The town is close enough to the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ancient Delphi to make it an interesting day trip from here. Taxis advertise on the quay or you can hire a car to reach the site high in the mountains.

“Clean Monday”, (or the beginning of Lent, or the first day of spring depending on your take on this time of year), is a day of huge, but joyous, chaos in Galaxidi. The townsfolk and outsiders indulge in The Great Flour War to celebrate the end of the Carnival Period and the start of Lent. If you are lucky enough to be here at this time of year and want to be involved, be prepared to wear old clothes and swim goggles as the coloured flour gets everywhere. Another tip from locals is to plan ahead where the “safe” zones are in town in case you need a time out from the wild revelries. Don’t forget to bring some flour!

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