Mongonissi is a delightful bay between the beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. Much loved by the Italians, this area has a sophistication you wouldn’t normally associate with such a small place. Strong southerlies do not penetrate here and in the prevailing northerlies the quay is secure and serene. Whether you are on your own bareboat charter or on one of the many flotillas in the area, Mongonissi makes a pleasant lunchtime swim stop or overnight option in extremely pleasant surroundings.

Mongonissi -Do not miss this gem of a bay!

The most sheltered area in the Mongonissi is the quay on the northwest side. Depths are uneven in parts so approach cautiously or go in bows to if you are unsure. There are no lazy lines here so don’t forget to drop your anchor a some point! Power and water is available. Trip boats and water taxis use this quay so be sure to leave their space clear to avoid ruffled feathers.

There is a lovely taverna behind the sand beach (complete with a mirror ball dancefloor!) just south of the quay serving a range of traditional dishes and some not so Greek. There is also a very pleasant bar slightly further round with its own quay. This quay, however, it is mostly used by small motor boats as there is not much to tie to. There are approximately 2m depths off this quay. These two establishments are all there is in this bay by way of facilities so if you want to self-cater you will need to come prepared or put on your hiking shoes and hoof it around to the small town of Gaios approximately 40 minutes’ walk away.

There are some lovely little walks around the roads and footpaths on both the islands of Mongonissi and Paxos but they are not very well signposted. Really it is just a case of following your nose and enjoying the views but please remember to shut any gates you open as there are goats and sheep roaming the olive groves.  Snakes are common here but rarely stay around long enough for you to enjoy them so don’t let that stop you taking a leisurely stroll before dinner.

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