Spartochori / Porto Spilia

This pretty bay on the north of Meganisi is a place of several parts. You’ll need to burn a few calories to reach the best bit, the village of Spartochori itself. As most Ionian yacht charter crews don’t seem to use many during the day this shouldn’t be a problem!

In the north west corner the small harbour provides the best shelter. At the head of the bay some enterprising tavernas have provided additional quay space. Between these is one of the few beaches on Meganisi.

The village is set on a rocky outcrop above the bay. Its a 10 minute walk but worth it to reach the winding cobbled alleys and panoramic views.

Spartochori provides the best choice of restaurants, provisions and other shopping. However, if you can’t face the walk, there are tavernas next to both mooring areas and a mini market near the harbour too.

If you’re on a bareboat charter the good news is that not all the flotillas call here. So if you’re lucky and hit it on the right night, you may find it relatively easy to find a space (by Ionian standards)! The problem is, with so many flotillas in the area and routes frequently changing, it’s hard to know which night that is.

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