Ammoudia / Fanari

Ammoudia: The bay, seen across the marshy hinterland

Ammoudia: The bay, seen across the marshy hinterland

An interesting bay with a river running in at the south edge, which has been formed in to a canal by the addition of a long breakwater. This is supposedly the River of the Dead where the ancients were sent for burial via the Gates of Hell upstream, by the ferryman (who presumably dumped the bodies in the sea).

Not content with this pioneering funeral service, the local priests then encouraged relatives to come and communicate with the spirits of the dead, a process that involved sleep deprivation and drugs before being lowered head first into a cavern. Never mind hearing voices, I suspect the participants were left wondering who was dead and who was alive!  Excavations apparently lend support to the tale.

Today it’s an attractive bay with an excellent beach. If your yacht draws less than 1.5m you may be able to get up the river as far as the wooden jetty. Those who have to anchor have a little further to walk to the restaurants but it’s not far. There are basic provisions ashore but nothing more.

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