Alkyion (Alkionidhes) Islands

The Alkyion Islands are a lovely place to spend the day. You can stay overnight if conditions are favourable. Also known as Kala Nisia (Nice Islands) the group consists of Daskalio, Prasonisi, Glaronisi and Zoodochos Pigi.

Alkion Islands: The anchorage

Alkion Islands: The anchorage

The Islands are tucked away at the north eastern end of the Gulf of Corinth. The water is clear, and the views remarkable. The Islands have a sense of other-worldliness that demands you simply lay-back and relax.

There are no facilities ashore. Some of the islands are privately owned. However, no one seems to object to people landing and using the beach or visiting the old monastery.

Zoodochos Pigi loosely translates to “life-giving spring”; good to know if you are made to walk the plank and left marooned on these delightfully remote feeling islands!

There are many options when it comes to anchoring at the Alkyion Islands depending on the wind direction. In most spots there is good holding in sand but study the pilot book and weather carefully before settling down for the night.

There is a small, old, and well broken-down harbour on the northern side of Zoodochos Pigi where it is possible to land a dinghy and visit the monastery but is too shallow and exposed to be much use for yachts.

Don’t try and navigate between Daskalio and Zoodochos Pigi. The isthmus that joins them is shallower than it looks and contains a myriad of rocks.

The Islands are just what you need after a hectic day’s sailing. Choose to visit the Alkyion Islands if you’re are looking for some quality “alone time”.


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