A charming fishing village, Perdika is one of my favourite spots in the Saronic, with it’s row of restaurants on a terrace overlooking the harbour. Believe it or not, it also boasts the world’s first 360o camera obscura, essentially a huge pinhole camera giving an all around view.

Perdika: The harbour, anchorage and village looking north

Perdika: The harbour, anchorage and village looking north

Like many Greek villages, Perdika also has some ruins but in this case rather more recent. During the second world war, the original village on the south side of the bay was converted in to a German base and a strolling amongst the remains, the trenches and bunkers are still very evident.

On the north side of the bay, the location of today’s village, a line of restaurants and cafes sits on a high terrace overlooking the harbour, an excellent spot for watching boats coming and going. Shopping facilities are very limited – you’re as likely to find a child’s fishing net as a lump of cheese in the general store, though there is a small bakery.

There is a small beach at the back of the harbour but I wouldn’t recommend swimming from here due to residues from the many assorted vessels. Much better to swim off the rocks just outside the harbour.

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