Dokos / Dhokos

The island of Dokos, is a great place to escape from it all. Other charter yachts aside, the population of a few monks and shepherds only just make it in to double figures (though it’s getting more popular; there were only 11 of them in 2001 but 18 in 2011)!

Dokos: Flotilla beach party at Skintos Bay

Dokos: Flotilla beach party at Skintos Bay

The large bay of Skintos / Skindos on the north side offers a number of places to anchor. Many yachts gravitate to the east side where there’s a restaurant, though this doesn’t always open so I suggest you arrive suitably provisioned.

The bay is thought to have had a harbour in ancient times and the worlds oldest know wreck was found here in 1975. It has since been dated to around 2200BC. Nothing remained of the vessel itself but a large amount of cargo was found and is now with the Spetses Museum.

Apart from the restaurant, the only building immediately visible is the small church of St Nicholas, next to the beach. So if you fancy a quiet night on your bareboat charter, Dokos is the place (provided your visit doesn’t coincide with a flotilla’s beach party night)!.

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