Mooring: Monemvasia

Monemvasia: View over the old harbour (left), the rock, and the "marina" (right)

Monemvasia: View over the old harbour (left), the rock, and the "marina" (right)

The rock is, unsurprisingly, not hard to spot. There are three mooring options, on the north jetty, in the “marina” south of the fisherman’s harbour, or anchored just south of the causeway.

The “marina” was going to be the solution to the lack of mooring space and did briefly extend to providing a couple of pontoons, though space was so tight that I once took a 42 footer in and on finding no spaces discovered the only way out was to reverse. Alas, the pontoons disappeared and the phase two development never reached fruition. That was a few years back when money was easy, so with the current economic trials I suspect we can abandon hope of any further development for many years to come.

What’s left of the “marina” still offers the best option and you can go stern to the quay or alongside on the inside of the breakwater.  Larger vessels may be able to go stern to the loading ramp outside the south east corner though plenty of anchor chain will be needed and it’s rather exposed, leaving you side on to any meltemi winds.

If these locations are full, head for the jetty north of the causeway and moor on the west side, side to or stern to as conditions dictate. For those that don’t like getting warps out, anchor south of the causeway though you’ll have to push in as it gets deep fairly quickly.

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