Plaka / Leonidion

Plaka: Almost the whole village in one picture!

Plaka: Almost the whole village in one picture!

The small village of Plaka on the west side of the Argolic Gulf has long been a popular stop. The village has three or four restaurants, a small shop and a long and sparsely occupied beach, with a beach bar.

There’s a small hotel and a municipal shower block just a couple of minutes walk from the quay, just behind the port police office.

Bizarrely, there’s also a nightclub which on Saturday nights draws crowds from Athens, three hours drive away. However, apart from odd nights when flotillas are in it doesn’t open during the week so light sleepers have little to fear.

If you need anything else, such as an ATM or more extensive shopping, you’ll need to catch a taxi in to the town of Leonidion, a couple of miles away – the restaurant next to the main square will call one for you. It’s fairly unremarkable town but offers a good range of facilities.

Plaka: The beach and cafe bar

Plaka: The beach and cafe bar

The harbour was extended a few years ago, courtesy of an EU grant. After several delays, the work was finally done through one summer with the apparent aim of causing maximum disruption (the first things to go were the mooring rings), allegedly in retaliation for the village’s failure to vote for the local mayor!

The extended quay increased both the space and shelter, though made the quay which was already a bit high for yachts, even higher!

Sadly, a huge storm in February 2012 caused major damage to the quay and given how long it took to make the original extension, it may be some years before the damage is repaired. Meantime, the mooring space available is somewhat reduced.

The two restaurants at the head of the harbour vie fiercely for trade and you may find yourself being accosted as you wander along the quay, though there’s little to chose between them. The pizzeria near the beach and the restaurant on the opposite corner are less forceful in their sales technique but equally worth a visit.


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