Mooring: Perdika

As with most Greek harbours, local boats occupy most of the space on the inside of the breakwater and the two quays.  The seaward side of the breakwater is unusable for all but very large yachts due to the depths, so most yachts end up on the seaward side of the two quays.

These berths are vulnerable to wash from  passing ferries, despite the fact these pass so far out to sea they will usually be out of sight before the wash reaches the harbour.  Keep your yacht well off the quay and ensure your anchor is well in.  This means dropping the anchor right up beside the bows of the boats opposite.

Perdika: The breakwater (left) and two quays, (centre and right)

Perdika: The breakwater (left) and two quays, (centre and right)

If berthing on the seaward quay, watch out for underlying rocks at the quay edge.  There is one spot near the end of the quay where these are particularly prominent yet nearly every day, someone comes in late, fails to wonder why in the busy harbour this spot has been left empty and smacks their rudder on the rocks! They’re really really easy to see – you just have to look!!

At busy times, you may want to consider going alongside the water tanker berth at the end of the seaward quay. You will however have to leave if the tanker comes and he sometimes comes very early in the morning.  You could try asking the locals when the tanker is next expected but  I’ve tried several times to establish movement times direct with the captain and even he didn’t seem to know when he was next likely to return!

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