Mooring: Astros / Astrous

Coming from the north you won’t see the town until you round the headland.  It’s much easier to find from the south though confusingly from a distance it looks like an island. Closer in you will be able to make out the castle and breakwater.

The sea tends to build up as the Argolic Gulf narrows towards the north, so it is not unusual to be bounced around as you near the entrance.  It is often best to go in to the harbour before rigging fenders and warps – there’s plenty of room to float around inside.

Mooring is normally stern or bows to on the inside of the breakwater, using the seaward half. There is a kink in the quay about a third of the way along where there’s a large underwater rock against the quay.  There are a few smaller rocks at the quay edge further in too, so keep an eye out if coming in stern to.

The seaward end of the quay is sometimes used by trip boats and you may be moved on by the port police if you moor here (they sometimes mark off the area if a boat is expected). This area is best avoided anyway as the swell can work its way round the end.

Astros is prone to strong winds in the late afternoon and evening.  On occasions, I have had to re-moor yachts side to as the holding in the harbour is patchy. The winds usually die down later on but you might need to delay dinner for an hour to keep an eye on your yacht.

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