Mooring: Aegina

Aegina: The harbour (centre) and marina (right) entrances, with the red cupola

Aegina: The harbour (centre) and marina (right) entrances, with the red cupola

Getting to Aegina is easy – you can see the ferries and hydrofoils going in and out (beware hydrofoils reversing out of the harbour) and the reddy orange cupola is also very visible.  If coming from the south beware the reef that runs across to Angistri.  There’s a big gap but you will need to do a bit of navigation.

Head in to the inner harbour, passing the entrance to the marina on the right. The marina is reserved for local craft.  There is often a swell just outside the harbour in the afternoons and you may prefer to rig fenders and lines inside the inner harbour – there’s plenty of space to float around. Smile at the small white church on the left quay as you enter – a photographer often lurks there and will appear with large prints for you to purchase once you’ve moored up.

You can moor on the north quay, or for a quieter night (but a longer walk to town) on the opposite side, either on the quay (beware the slip at the east end) or on the pontoons if you can find a gap.

The afternoon winds blow across the harbour and can be gusty so Aegina rewards good boat handling. However, there’s plenty of room if you have a bit of a loss of talent on the way in. Lay your anchor a bit up wind and put out a decent length as the holding is only average.

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