Ermoupoli / Ermoupolis (Syros)

Ermoupoli is the capital of Syros and the Cyclades islands and this stately town exudes an old world charm in keeping with its significance. Around the harbour, 18th century buildings loom over the streets and the towns past glories are evident everywhere.

Ermoupoli: The town with the blue domed Church of the Resurrection high on the hill

Ermoupoli: The town with the blue domed Church of the Resurrection high on the hill

Delve into the back streets and you will be rewarded at every turn with the faded elegance of grand mansions and delightful squares. If you are looking for a little more action without a touristy edge, Ermoupoli makes a very pleasant stop on your Cyclades voyage.

The large and bustling harbour of Ermoupoli provides good shelter but can be affected by the northerly swell dredged up by the Meltemi. Ferry wash can also have an “unsettling” effect on the main basin but this is more irritating than dangerous.

This is an excellent harbour to practice your “parking” as there is plenty of room to manoeuvre. Power and water is available by card. Various places sell these. Sometimes a small charge is made for the use of the harbour wall for the night. You might also be approached by people offering to take your lines in return for a little cash but this generally only happens to the larger yachts and motorboats.

The southern end of the main harbour can be a little grubby and dusty due to the vicinity of the busy shipyard and this can be particularly noticeable if they are sand blasting so best avoided at these times if possible.

In the southern part of the main bay there is a small marina is still under construction (2015). Occasionally there is space for one or two yachts but on the whole it is better to make for the main harbour first. No power or water available at the marina (2015).

You can also find room on occasion in, or outside, the fishing harbour west of the shipyard. Rafting off is common here and every so often a small fee is charged. Power and water is available by card.

In town the standard of taverna food is high and generally excellent value for money; one of the benefits of the less touristy nature of the place. If you want an excursion away from the main port a short taxi ride of 4€ (2015) will get you to Ano Ermoupolis the attractive older part of Ermoupoli.

Provisioning is a breeze here and everything you need can be found somewhere is town. It pays to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables in Ermoupoli if you are continuing on to some to the more remote islands of the Cyclades.

Ermoupoli does not have a beach and the harbour is not suitable for swimming so program in a swim stop before you arrive if the crew requires a daily dip.

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