Lindos (Rhodes)

Lindos: The north bay, town and castle

Lindos: The north bay, town and castle

Originally the capital of Rhodes, Lindos is steeped in history. There are three attractions – the beach, the town and the acropolis within the medieval castle.

Your perception of Lindos is likely to be heavily influenced by when you visit; both the time of year and the time of day.

In high season the place gets packed, much less so out of season. First thing in the day, before the trip boats and coaches arrive from Rhodes it’s much more pleasant than later on.

The beaches are sandy though at busy times you’ll struggle to see the sand for bodies.

The town is as mass of narrow alleys running between whitewashed buildings.  It’s firmly geared to the tourist market with countless restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. However there are also several supermarkets should you need to replenish your provisions.

The acropolis is fascinating. The site has been repeatedly developed and built over by the Dorians, Greeks, Romans, the Knights of St John, and the Ottomans. The ruins on view cover all these periods, in varying states of ruination. Being at the top of the hill it’s a bit of a hike but you can always take a donkey ride up.

Outside the acropolis the remains of a Roman theatre have been found. Excavations continue – who knows what will be uncovered next.

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