Kardamena (Kos)

Kardamena: The beach looking north

Kardamena: The beach looking north

Once a small village, Kardamena has grown in to a thriving holiday resort. The big attraction is the long sandy beach. So long in fact that most of the hotels could genuinely claim to be no more than 5 minutes from the beach!

Amongst the modern hotels, you’ll still find plenty of signs of the original village. There are even some Roman ruins and several old churches.

The resort was once prone to some of the worst excesses of “Brits on Tour”. However in recent times, it’s become more of a family holiday destination, helped by an influx of no British holiday makers.

There’s still plenty of nightlife for those that want it, and water sports on the beach. But there’s a pleasing number of seafood restaurants, and plenty of shopping and provisions available.

It’s probably not going to be the highlight of your yacht charter itinerary but then it’s got some pretty stiff competition.

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