Panormitis (Symi)

Sailors stopping the night get to see Panormitis at it’s best. This bay, on the south west of Symi, is a tranquil contrast to the bustle of Symi Town, but only once the plethora of trip boats have left for the day.

Panormitis: The monastery and quay

Panormitis: The monastery and quay

The central attraction is the Greek Orthodox monastery of the Archangel Michael which dominates the shore and which draws pilgrims from far afield. However, many come just to enjoy the sandy beach and some swimming.

The current Venetian styled monastery dates from the 18th century but there have been a succession of churches here, on what was once the site of a Roman temple. The monastery house two museums, one dedicated to the ecclesiastical, particularly the many offerings brought for the Archangel by visitors, the other focused on folk art of the island. You should also take some time to explore the courtyards and rooms of the monastery itself.

Otherwise, there’s little here – just a few restaurants and basic provisions.

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