Mooring: Tiros

The three windmills on Ak. Tiros

Tiros: The three windmills on Ak. Tiros

The bay is easily found, lying just north of Ak. Tiros which has three windmills on the top. The quay is at the south end of the bay, just north of the headland. Coming from the north it can be hard to make out the harbour but just keep heading south down the bay and it will appear.

Moor stern or bows to on the inside of the quay. You may roll around a bit  just outside the quay but hold your nerve, it’s  plenty deep until you get very close to the beach.

This is fortunate as the space behind the quay is not large and you will need to lay your anchor well over towards the beach. There are usually some buoys for small craft just off the beach and you should aim to get your anchor just seaward of these. The holding is actually good, it’s just the quay is rather close to the shore!

Tiros: Yachts on the quay in the small harbour

Tiros: Yachts on the quay in the small harbour

At busy times, there is room to go alongside at the end of the quay though it can be a bit uncomfortable here.  The quay isn’t large and it only takes about a dozen yachts to fill it.  Once full, there isn’t really room to raft out and it’s a bit deep and exposed to anchor so allow time to try somewhere else.

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