The island of Trizonia is a strange mixture of laidback charm, unfinished business and postcard views. A sleepy backwater that once had aspirations of becoming a yachting hub, Trizonia has had a clean up in recent years but sadly still hasn’t succeeded in realising its marina dream. Which may be no bad thing.

Trizonia is unique in that it is the only inhabited island in the Gulf of Corinth. It is a wonderful place to visit on your flotilla or bareboat sailing holiday and the locals are a welcoming bunch, despite always seeming somewhat surprised to see visitors!

The small village on the island has enough shops and restaurants to please most people but grocery shops are small and only carry basic supplies. If you want a better selection of items you can catch the water taxi to Glifadha on the mainland opposite the island. The water taxi leaves roughly every hour.

Hotel Drymna offers showers and a laundry service at a price.

The “marina” is better than it was but still has the slight air of decay. Most of the wrecks have been removed but the odd abandoned boat still remains. My advice would be to approach with caution and try and go alongside if possible or use a trip line if using your own anchor.

Power and water tend not to be available unless you have a very long hose pipe or are willing to lug the odd container up and down the quay. However, the town was working on improving the services. (Rumour has it there may soon be a new water tap at the end of the SE mole)!

The protection from the wind is excellent in the harbour and anchorage and the holding in the anchorage is usually very good so it’s a great place to get a good night’s sleep.
Fees are sometimes collected for an overnight stop. 7.70€ for a 13m yacht (2019).

Onshore there are some lovely walks around the wooded slopes of the island and away from the tiny town there is a patchwork of olive groves and wooded hills and gullies. There are a couple of beaches but the water is a bit murky in the marina bay due to the almost circular nature of the cove.

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