Kalamos / Port Kalamos

Kalamos is the capital of the island of the same name and a popular stop. The village itself is on the hill overlooking the harbour where you’ll find the bakery, a grocers and some bars. For those that don’t fancy the climb, there’s a mini market and a couple of tavernas by the quay. George’s taverna does a good trade and George himself acts as unofficial harbour master, assisting yachts mooring up. He also has showers and offers a laundry service.

Kalamos does reward those prepared to stretch their legs a little. There’s a stony but attractive beach about 20 minutes walk south of the quay and some good walks through the pines to the north. It’s not the most picture postcard place you’ll visit but it’s not unattractive and with the locals now largely reliant on tourism for their livelihoods, you’ll be made welcome.

The harbour is not huge so it’s not unusual for yachts to be rafted out from the quay; get there early for the best spots! Look out of the traditional caiques, still sometimes used to bring provisions over from the mainland

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