Corfu Town

Corfu: A typical street

Corfu: A typical street

The capital of Corfu Island and a town steeped in history, Corfu Town offers much to entertain you whether your interests are archaeological, cultural or more retail focused! The various occupying forces have left their influence, most prominently the Venetians who provided both the two fortress and many of the attractive buildings around town.

As well as exploring the fortresses, take a coffee in one of the many cafe’s around the grassed lawns of Spiniada Square, designed by the French but also used by the British for cricket matches.

Around the square, the Palace, the Ionian Academy and the Liston provide fine examples French, British and Greek architecture. A short walk away on the Kanoni peninsula are a number of archaeological sites for those preferring older structures.

Opportunities abound for retail therapy, with everything from high class boutiques to tourist tat. Even if you’re not buying, the alleyways of the old town, with their many churches and Venetian buildings are well worth exploring.

Although there are places to swim within walking distance  of the town centre, such as Limanaki, the best beaches are out of town. Car and bike hire is widely available in town and there are plenty of beaches to choose from.

Corfu: The Venetian Fortress with NAOK's harbour far left and Mandraki far right.

Corfu: The Venetian Fortress with NAOK’s harbour far left and Mandraki far right.

If you want a break from the sun, the town offers a number of museums from the predicable such as the Archaeological Museum, to the distinctly offbeat, such as the Numismatic Museum, featuring Greek bank notes and coins from the past. Music, folklore and the arts have their own museums and there’s a sea shell museum too, so something for all the family!

As a major tourist centre you will of course not have the place to yourself and it can get busy. The plus side is a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafe’s offering a wide range of food to suit every budget, though as is often the case in tourist destinations, it does sometimes seem hard to buy a meal that doesn’t come with chips.

Just about anything else you could want is also available  – as the area’s main commercial centre the town is well provided with banks,  ATM’s, food shops and more specialised outlets.

Corfu Town isn’t pure Greece – the previous occupiers and more recent tourist invasion have seen to that. But it’s an interesting okace that grows on you, with plenty to keep you engaged in the meantime.

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