Mooring: Vathi

Vathi: Fishing quay with harbour entrance behind

Vathi: Fishing quay with harbour entrance behind

The harbour breakwater is easily spotted as you head south down the side of the Methana peninsula. Contrary to first appearances, the entrance is at the south end of the breakwater where there’s a white post, not at the north end. Keep to the middle of the entrance as it’s shallow at the sides. There’s not much room inside, so you may want to let anyone already in the process of mooring sort themselves out before you enter.

Moor on the south quay, dropping your anchor right across the other side of the harbour next to the fishing boats. A chap called Costas, often sporting a T shirt proclaiming his role as harbour master may direct you in to a spot. If mooring at the inner end of the quay, watch your rudder – it’s shallow close to the quay.

The shelter is excellent but with the limited space, crossed anchors are common so keep an eye on what’s happening when it comes to departure time. If you’re the yacht on the end of the quay near the harbour entrance you might also want to watch out as people enter as I have had my anchor hooked by boats entering the harbour.

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