Racisce (Korcula)

Racisce is a quiet and free anchorage, just north west of Lumbarda and south of Vrnik Island, on the eastern end of Korcula Island. This a great place to anchor up during the height of the summer season when other areas can become very busy with charter yachts.

There are a couple of restaurants in Racisce, including one “shack-like” one on the eastern side of the bay that serves cheap, good food.

It is only a short walk from Racisce to the little township of Lambarda where there is access all the supplies you could require. There is also a bus stop at the head of the bay if you don’t fancy the walk or for trips into Korcula town and beyond.

There is a marina at Lumbarda (cheaper than the ACI Marina Korcula) but this is very popular with local yachts and space is limited. Anchoring is not permitted in Lumbarda bay.

Lumbarda is a lively village. It hosts many festivals during July and August including numerous fishermen’s evenings, a cappella singing, the Grk (a grape variety cultivated here) Wine Festival and extremely popular donkey races. See the tourist office located near the marina for more details!

This area has been inhabited for centuries and there is evidence of a large Greek presence here from the 3th century BCE. This evidence comes in the form of an expectedly detailed, carved stone tablet now known as the Psephism of Lumbarda. This tablet refers to land distribution and common laws and is the oldest written “document” in Croatia. A replica is on display near the tourist office – if you want to see the real thing you will need to take a trip to the City Museum of Korcula in Korcula town. Lumbarda was also popular in the 16th century with Korcula’s elite who built their beautiful summer villas here, so there are numerous churches and chapels and buildings to ogle.

If you fancy a swim, this area has many sandy beaches dotted about. Apparently the sand is of a particularly high quality being Saharan in origin but that could just be tourist hype!

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