Badija / Otocic Badija (Korcula)

Badija: The monastery.

Badija: The monastery.

Badija is an island located just east of Korcula town. This was once the home of a thriving Badija monastery and the building still makes a statement to all who anchor there. The monastery is currently undergoing restoration and is open to the public on a limited basis.

Badija is a fantastic bay to have in such close proximity to Korcula town and affords excellent holding on sand as well as clear water for swimming. It makes an ideal lunchtime stop or last minute swim stop before heading into Korcula town. The bay and island is extremely popular with day trippers, tour boats and charter yachts. At night numbers thin out considerably.

Badija is also a handy place to drop anchor and wait for the queue to shorten at the floating fuel quay located at Leda Shipyard across the channel on Korcula near the ferry terminal.

There is only one small daytime restaurant on the island, located near the monastery, and no other shops.

There is an easy, flat track encircling the entire coast of the island that takes about 40 minutes to walk. Don’t get spooked by the small deer that have a free run of the place and think nothing of dropping down to the restaurant to see what’s happening. They seem friendly enough but the local advice is please do not feed them or attempt to touch them as they don’t want them habituated to people.

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