Sudurad (Sipan)

Sudurad is one of those places that can be crawling with daytime visitors and then, as soon as the sun goes down, reverts to a sleepy village of a few tiny restaurants and bars. As the peace descends this gem of a place will really grow on you.

Sudurad: The quay and village

Sudurad: The quay and village

Perfectly positioned for a quick sail to and from Dubrovnik, some charter yacht skippers and flotillas use Sudurad’s quayside (located near the ferry quay) as their first or last night stop.

There are also 5 restaurant (konoba) buoys (2015) available for pick up northeast of the town quay. There is a possibility to anchor as well but space is limited if you want to be close to town. If you do anchor make sure you stay clear of the ferry’s route to the quay.

This is not the place to try and provision as there is only one small shop on the waterfront.

“Downtown” is dominated by the former renaissance fortress built in the 1500’s for the Stjepovic-Skocibuha family. When I was there it didn’t appear to be open to the public but there are plenty of streets and walks that get you above the narrow valley that the village occupies to see it from above.

Sipan, the island on which Sudurad is located, was, like many others in the area, very popular with the nobles of Dubrovnik in the past. At its height of popularity Sudurad was home to some grand mansions but alas most of these were reduced to rubble through neglect and in various conflicts over the years.

Sudurad: Tranquil once the day trippers have gone home

Sudurad: Tranquil once the day trippers have gone home

Beach opportunities are limited here. There is a very public pebbly one, right at the head of the harbour or a better option is to head along around the harbour to the one near the buoy field.

If you decide you would like be slightly more active, the island is criss-crossed with maze of walking and biking trails. These are well signposted. If the kids (or other members of the crew!) are full of energy, perhaps they would like to walk to the pretty main town of Sipanska Luka (approximately 5 kilometres away at the northern end of the island) and the yacht could be dispatched to pick them up at the other end.

A shorter circular walk around Sudurad leads you up to small church which provides stunning views out over the island and surrounding water. To find the start of this route, head to the northern beach and take the road inland from there.

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