Prozura (Mljet)

Prozura is another lovely bay on the delightful island of Mljet. Well sheltered, Prozura often plays host to flotilla groups as well as many bareboat charters.

Peaceful and pleasantly wooded, there are several options for mooring in Prozura depending on the draught of your yacht. Option one is to anchor in one of the various sub bays. This can be problematic as the bays are quite deep but this small hitch can be overcome by long lining to the shore. A popular place to long line to is the largest of the islets or the west side of the bay. The best place to attempt to anchor is the west bay just outside the buoys.

Prozura: The islets in the bay

Prozura: The islets in the bay

Option two is to pick one of the many restaurant buoys available and avail yourself of some local Dalmatian cooking. The buoy fields are a movable feast and can sometimes encroach on long lining opportunities near the large islet. Sometimes you will see trip boats pick up a buoy and then long line back.

Option three is to slowly approach one of the two restaurant quays that are located at the head of the east and west bays. I say slowly here as depths are uneven (1.5-1.8m close into the quays) and can shallow quickly! If you are in any doubt as to whether there will be enough water for your yacht, approach very slowly, bows first, with a spotter on the front and be prepared to reverse back out immediately if required. Both quays have laid lines and power is available. Water is limited on Mljet so don’t rely on being able to top up your tanks in Prozura.

There are no shops in Prozura but the tiny village is picturesque and a short walk up the road gives you good views back down into the bay.

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