Donje Celo (Kolocep)

Donje Celo may be the main village on the pretty little island of Kolocep but you still going to be off the main bareboat charter and flotilla routes. Don’t just follow the crowd though; Kolocep is a fascinating island and packs a lot of punch for such a small piece of land.

Donje Celo: The charming fishing village on Kolocep Island

Donje Celo: The charming fishing village on Kolocep Island

There are many clearly marked walking tracks and the diversity of the vegetation, landscapes and farmed plots is astounding. However, this makes more sense when you realize that the island used to be very popular with the nobility of Dubrovnik and home to many of their summer mansions. Sadly most of them lie in ruins today but the island is slowly being rediscovered and rejuvenated.

With a couple of restaurants, bars and a small grocery shop on shore, the anchorage at the charming village of Donje Celo provides all you need for an overnight stop off the beaten path.

There is a small town quay but it is heavily used by trip boats and ferries’, so anchoring off is much more relaxing.

When the bora blows, (N to NE winds), anchor close to the eastern side of the bay for better protection.

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